It's a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself. Makes you wonder what else you can do that you've forgotten about.
About Me

My name ist Esther. I am a professional designer, art director and photographer based in Portugal. My whole life I was seeking for the extraordinary: A life to remember, full of moments with my face in the sun and toes in the sand.


Since 3 years I am creating my own kind of happieness between roadtrips, self-employed work, adventures and nature. It's a journey to myself.


Als ich mit 18 Jahren das erste Mal in Portugal war, habe ich mich direkt in die Mentalität, die Architektur, das Leben und das Leben in diesem Land verliebt.

12 Jahre später kann ich Portugal mein zu Hause nennen, da ich mich nicht nur für das Land, sondern auch für einen portugiesischen Mann entschieden habe. 

Nun kombiniere ich mein freies Leben im Van mit dem langsamen Kennenlernen dieser Kultur. 


In 2019 I bought an old Volkswagen T4 bus named Armadillo and went on my biggest adventure so far: the Baltic Sea Circle Rallye. 8000km in 16 days around the baltic sea across the Lofoten, up to the North Cape and through Russia. 

After another van conversion more trips followed: Three months in Italy and two months in Sicily, a lot adventures in Germany and Denmark and three more month through Spain, Portugal and France.


Realizing vanlife was my biggest rhapsody I now bought a bigger Van which with I am exploring the Iberian island now. 

Digital Nomad

I work with all my heart and soul when it comes to design, concepts and photography. But my heart and soul works best when I feel free and act self-determined. So I decided to build my van become a digital nomad. 

Since then I work form wherever I want with clients who share my values. I can say it was the best decision of my life. 


You need help for becoming a self-employed or inspiration to live a more exciting life? Feel free to contact me.