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Welcome to my world of creativity! It's like a bustling bazaar where you can explore and choose from a range of exciting options. You can indulge in photography, design, social media collaborations, photo shoots or avail creative support services. Additionally, my shop features an array of creative assets that you can use for your photography or design projects. Whether you want to collect a whole bunch of creative resources or pick specific ones, my offers are combinable to suit your needs. Let's collaborate and create a world that reflects your unique style and vision. Your happiness is my ultimate goal!


Experience the scene with just one look. Immerse yourself in the picture, feel the texture of the leaf, smell the salty ocean, and let the wind caress your skin. With a delicate touch and a keen eye for detail, I create stunning photos that capture the essence of the moment. My work showcases the interplay of light, perspective, sensitivity, and color that brings every scene to life.

I offer tailored photo-shootings for singles or couples, as well as coverage for special events such as baptisms, birthdays, and weddings. Whether it's product shots for your brand or visual content for your hotel, restaurant, bar, or property, I've got you covered. I also offer customizable cooperation packages that combine my photography services with your marketing efforts, maximizing your brand's impact. Let's work together to transform your vision into reality."

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Design & concept

My approach to design is all about adapting and transforming your ideas and wishes into reality. I believe in creating individualized worlds that reflect your unique business vision and values. By understanding your goals, preferences, and aspirations, I strive to deliver design solutions that resonate with your audience and create a lasting impact.

Corporate Design / Identity (Logodesign)

Webdesign & Concept

Social Media Design and Concept

Feeddesign / Reels 

Brand Design & Brand Development

Photography & editing

Creative Support & Strategy

Printdesign (Flyer, Magazines)

social media
care & design

Tell your story. Share inspiration. Let eyes shine. Through pictures, colours, texts and music. A concept. A world. Experiences up close. This is social media. Or what it can be, if you do it right. Since a couple of years I enjoy to create my digital world and combine it with my private life to inspire people. So I‘d like to do it for your. I create...


Social Media concepts

Feeback and analyses

Feed design

Account design

Social Media care & support



Photography and editing


Your brand. My world. An ensemble acting. You think we are a match. So let‘s start to integrate your brand in an authentic, emotional and natural way in my world. High res photography and professional editing meets athentic story telling and thrilling reels.


Feel free to contact me at any interest. I‘m also glad to show you my insights on request.

creative support

Over 10 years of experience on different stages of design, from beauty to gaming, from events to direct mailings, websites to social media campaigns. I saw a lot to get a holistic impression of this world to support your project in the right angle.


Support and analyses for creative topics Brand boards (new or redesign)

Creative concepts

Re-Design / Design update

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