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enjoy a delightful stroll and let's capture authentic moments and create enduring memories of your  journey.
feel-good shooting



Whether it's the warm sunlight casting a gentle glow on your face, the refreshing ocean breeze softly tousling your hair, or the serene landscapes blending harmoniously with your presence, we strive to capture the essence of your inherent beauty and radiance.


At my photoshoots, I prioritize your comfort and ensure a relaxed atmosphere that encourages genuine emotions to shine through. The key to capturing images lies in creating an environment where you can be yourself, enabling me to showcase your authentic personality and allowing your natural charm to effortlessly radiate.


Each photograph we create tells a unique story, filled with warmth, joy, and a sense of belonging. These treasured memories will serve as a timeless reminder of your experience and the remarkable connection between you and the locations we explored.

Amidst these organic moments, you might not even realize you're being captured. Nevertheless, the memories created will last a lifetime.

shooting information

Duration: 1.5-2 Hours

Place: Cascais, Sintra, Estoril, Lisboa & around

Algarve & Alentejo upon request
Decide between a Dusk, Dawn or Sunshine Shooting
At least 5 Photospots and Outfits
Let's be authentic: have a drink, an ice cream, explore, be yourself
You will receive a minimum of 30 professionally edited digital pictures

Kopie von JOE_5253_edited.jpg
book your feel good shooting

Available in Cascais, Lisbon, Algarve (Portugal) &  Hamburg & Sylt (Germany)

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